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The Beginning of the End

You may have noticed I missed a few Friday posts lately. I’d love to give a great reason why that happened, but there isn’t one.

I will be shutting down this blog at the end of May. As of June 7th all of this will disappear… so if you wanted to stroll through the posts and read your favourites again you better get to it!

It has been 3 years of weekly writing and I have enjoyed most of it. I have appreciated those of you who reached out or commented on the thoughts I shared.

Blogging is this strange thing where you speak into the void and hope that somebody somewhere reads it. I started because I thought I had some things to share and I enjoyed sharing them.

But it feels like this season has passed and it’s time to move on.

After 2 years of dodging it, Covid has finally landed in our house. So far only hubby, and for that we are thankful. Navigating this pandemic has been quite the journey!

We will probably be welcoming more kids into our home shortly and I may have more to say about our fostering journey, but if you want to see it you’ll have to follow my Othermother page on Facebook!

If I feel inspired to write that’s where it will happen.

Parenting teenagers continues to be a learning curve and we choose to enjoy the adventure one day at a time.

So thank you for reading along these last 3 years! I am honoured you chose to read my posts.

Spring is here, the summer looks full of promise, get out and enjoy it!

In the midst of the mess


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