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Which way are you facing?

It’s that time of year in Alberta.

As we drive east or west on the backroads you see winter on one side of the road and spring on the other.

If you look one way you see sad snowbanks that are crusted in a winter’s worth of filth and brown trees standing barren above them. If you look the other way you see dry slopes, willows budding with pussy willows, and a tinge of green on the treetops, as life starts to find it’s way up the branches.

The sun is still low on the southern horizon, but if the slope is facing south it is able to take full advantage of the warmth that is starting to spread. If the slope is facing north… it is still trapped in the pocket of cold that lingers… not quite able to transition to spring.

When we drive west we can choose which side to talk about! Is it spring? Or is the eternal winter that never ends descending upon us finally? It makes a difference which one you focus on! Are you looking ahead or are you stuck in the now.

The weather adds to the confusion with blue skies and sunshine one day, and white out blizzards the next. It is all a chaotic mess that keeps you guessing what to wear each day.

Spring in Alberta can make your head spin. It reminds me of being a part of the foster care system. It matters what you choose to focus on. There are always the negatives… and there are always signs of hope.

After another winter of Covid and cold weather it is important to face the sun every chance we get. It’s also important to look for the positives in what ever situation you are in!

We just celebrated Easter and I was also reminded it is good to face the son.

Spring is coming. Hope is renewed.

In the midst of the mess


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