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New things


“I don’t want to!”

“No way…. please don’t make me!”

“Do I have to?”

The desperate pleas of a scared teenager…

What is this terrible thing we were forcing on her?

Well, we started off the day hinting that the day would be about driving. We got out the Learner’s permit flash cards and asked questions through brunch and talked about driving. With 3 teens who want their learner’s permits sitting at the table it was appropriate.

Then we let them know we were heading out in the van at 1:30… but they’d have to wait and see what was next.

One of them was quite concerned that they were going to have to write the test today… became certain that’s where we were headed…. then…”Wait a minute, it’s April Fool’s”.

We did a few errands and then drove by the Registries office and pointed out where they would take their tests.

As soon as it became apparent we weren’t taking them to write their learner’s permit exams, the bragging that they could pass it today started.

Then we pulled up at Speeders.

Speeders is an indoor go-kart track where they could try driving in a controlled environment. A first for all three of them!

Then the panic started… “No, I don’t want to… please don’t make me!”

We assured them they would enjoy it and continued getting them signed up and ready to go.

“This is terrifying… I’m more nervous than I was for my first Track & Field event!”

They went… they raced… they conquered.

The one who was terrified and didn’t want to go, got the best time and wanted to go again. The one with all the bravado crashed through a wall due to overconfidence.. but resumed racing and enjoyed. And the one who was quiet through all of it, learned cautiously and improved over the 14 laps and loved it.

It was a great experience for all.

The benefit of working through your fear and anxiety and trying new things was championed again.

We all need to conquer our fears and try new things. We all need the experience of coming away excited that we did it!

Today was a good day!

Hope your April Fool’s day was full of fun and laughter.

In the midst of the mess


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