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February is not my favourite month.

It has been mild as far as the weather goes, but it’s still not spring.

The cycle of freeze and thaw has made it challenging to do anything much outside. It seems it is either raining or snowing… or sometimes both.

It’s a month where many people struggle to maintain a positive outlook and the constant drama of Covid 19 isn’t helping.

As I watch the snow blowing outside I need to remember that spring will come. Things will grow again and there is reason to hope for life to be renewed.

There is such a great need for foster homes. There are so many parents who are unable to cope with caring for their children adequately. The reasons are complicated and diverse, there are no simple solutions.

So in spite of the days that I feel like February sucks… I know that I enjoy a security that many do not.

I can curl up in my warm home and I have no fear that I might be evicted. I may struggle with motivation on some days, but I am not staring down the demons of addiction and depression and wondering who will win today. I may not always be the perfect parent, but I can speak kindly to my children and I have learned how to own my mistakes. I have a community of people who know me and care about my struggles.

These are blessings that many families don’t enjoy. The price of their absence can be the destruction of family. Parents broken and hurting. Kids adrift and needy. The cycle continues unless someone steps in the gap.

Being a foster home means stepping into that gap. We offer what we have to make a difference where we can. It is easy to feel inadequate.

I hope you find a way to be an encouragement in the community you live in. Count the blessings you enjoy everyday. Look for what you can share. You don’t have to be a foster home to make a difference in a families life, or the life of a child, but maybe you, or someone you know should consider it!

Spring is coming, hang in there everyone.

In the midst of the mess


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