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Let’s Talk

It’s okay to not be okay.

This week was Bell Let’s Talk Day.

An annual event aimed at fighting the stigma around mental health issues.

Sometimes it’s hard to admit when we’re not doing okay! When worry and fear are slowly taking over and your hope and joy are gone it is important to say something… to someone!

I have family and friends who have broken under the weight and felt ashamed and afraid to talk to people about it.

It is something that needs to change. It needs to be okay to say your anxiety is keeping you home or you just can’t find the energy to engage with people today. Covid 19 has been hard on many people.

It needs to be okay to ask for help when life looks too overwhelming.

We don’t hesitate to say we have the flu and have to stay home… or we put our back out and need to take it easy. We should be able to say we are overwhelmed just as easily.

Maybe it starts with admitting that you aren’t invincible and you can’t do it all!

The movie Encanto is deeply insightful about the pressures life can hold. If you haven’t watched it yet I recommend it.

Whether you feel like you have to be strong, be perfect or just try to stay out of everyone’s way… a true gift is learning that you are enough just because of who you are, not because of what you do!

Family wounds can be the hardest to heal. The world of foster care highlights this. We are often hurt the most by those who should have loved us best. Not all wounds can be seen. Be gentle with those you meet.

We are thankful to be part of the journey towards mental health in foster care. It means learning to practice what we are learning on a personal level.

In an airplane they they tell you that in case of an emergency you need to put your own oxygen mask on first so that you are able to help others. In the first aid course I just completed they also stressed the importance of making sure it is safe for you before you try to help others! This is true in life as well! It is important to look after yourself. It isn’t selfish, it is necessary!

So look out for yourself! It’s okay! Figure out what you need to be your best self and make sure you make it a priority! We all want to be our best and enjoy the best version of each other.

So if you’re not okay… reach out and tell someone! Ask for help! It’s okay!

If you’re doing great… be willing to listen and support those who aren’t! Be kind to those who are struggling.

In the midst of the mess


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