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In the beginning of a new year I always feel like starting fresh is a good idea, so it’s usually the time of year where I go on a cleaning and organizing journey!

This year we are restructuring the spaces in our home so we have room for more kids so it has felt more monumental!

Maintaining our storage spaces means pulling everything out and purging so the space is used for the things that are important to us, not just the stuff we don’t want to look at! Our biggest storage space is fondly called the Pit of Despair and is located under the basement stairs.

Over the years it has been modified, and filled with functional shelving and really does work well for most of our stuff. The Christmas decorations live there most of the year, as well as some camping gear, and assorted other stuff that needs a home. Right after we organize and purge I really like the space… but it never lasts long as we start to throw stuff in there that we need out of the way.

Our book shelves are another place that collects stuff… we have 5 in the basement that are basically floor to ceiling and they were all full not that long ago. Full of books, games, knick knacks, photo albums, gaming systems, DVD’s, puzzles, Lego models and assorted other stuff. That purge resulted in a BIG box of donated books and movies and I have spacious bookshelves again!

Where does your stuff gather and create clutter? I clean off my kitchen counter almost daily… it seems to collect all kinds of things everyday. My dresser is another surface that seems to attract stuff and become a disaster very quickly. Those disasters are not what I want my life to look like!

While we’ve been cleaning and purging we’ve also been doing maintenance. Cleaning out drains, tightening things, straightening things and doing all the stuff that never stops when you own a home. Maintaining our stuff takes time and energy.

We have a vision of a home where kids are welcome and peace and healing are possible. We have to actively pursue that by doing maintenance. We choose to keep the goal in mind as we do the work in our home.

Sometimes our attitudes need maintenance too. In this long stretch of pandemic I find I need to remind myself of what is important and adjust my attitude regularly. The clutter of negativity can pile up fast! Purging unhealthy sources and focusing on the blessings can do wonders for attitudes!

The same is true in our relationships. Sometimes we need to clear some clutter and focus on what is important so that we can enjoy the people in our lives.

I have spent some time thinking about what is important in my relationship with each of our foster kids and my hubby. I have come to the conclusion that I have some maintenance to do. Taking some intentional time and effort to set up for a good year is valuable and necessary for the health of our home.

There are so many areas that are challenging with our foster kids. They need guidance and direction so often it is easy to start feeling like all we do is correct them. It’s good to stop and just focus on the important things and make sure we aren’t damaging the relationship. They need to know they are loved and safe and that healing and wholeness are possible most of all!

I think that’s something we all need.

In the midst of the mess


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