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Beauty in the Details

Have you ever looked at a snowflake up close?

Today was the perfect day for that as they were falling delicately in individual flakes and landing pristine in the cold. On a freshly cleared surface they were easy to study, although they were building up pretty quick when I was out.

They say every snowflake is different and my short time admiring them today seemed to support that idea.

The intricate patterns were a treat for the eyes. A snowbank is a large white mass… that we dread shoveling. A snowflake is a thing of wonder.

As we move forward into 2022 it is easy to look at the mass of humanity and see a homogenous entity. Perhaps you even see the work it takes to move that mass…

But each human being is unique. I know we think we understand that, but we often don’t. We constantly expect people to react the same, or think the same, or want the same things as we do.

The reality is that every human being is unique. And there is beauty in the details.

You are unique! There is no one else quite like you!

We need to stop thinking that everyone walks through the world the same, or that a scenario will look the same for everyone! As kids head back to school I am aware that not everyone thinks it’s the best plan. And the truth is, it probably isn’t the best plan for everyone!! So how do we give grace to those who are choosing something different than the masses?

As we strive to understand the uniqueness of kids in foster care it is a constant learning curve. Often their experiences are outside of what I can understand. How they view the world is very different from how I do. That’s a great place for misunderstandings!

There is no manual that will give you all the answers! Not in life, not in parenting, not in dealing with a pandemic!

It is common to judge someone else’s actions by my reality when I have no idea what they are actually dealing with. So lets all acknowledge that every one, and every circumstance, and every action taken is unique.

I have heard more people complaining and criticizing others in the first week of 2022 than I have heard in quite a while, and it isn’t impressive. Matter of fact, it makes me sad. Has Covid-19 infected us all with a pompous lack of courtesy for others? I don’t think so, but there are times it sure seems like it.

What a different place the world would be if we all just focused on ourselves and chose to do the best we could and stopped critiquing everyone else. Or better yet if we approached everyone with the attitude of making their day better.


When is the last time you thought, “What can I do right now to make my spouse/child/neighbour/friends day a little brighter?”.

If we asked that question two or three times a day and acted on it, it could change the world.

So as we head into 2022 I hope we can all give more grace to others to choose their path, share our truth with humility, and do our best to be the kind of human that others find refreshment in being around.

In the midst of the mess


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