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Merry Christmas

The Christmas break is finally here!

The presents are under the tree!

The plans are made and all the food is purchased for the meals.

I am thankful!

Thankful for the friends that have weathered the year with me.

Thankful for the family that I have the privilege of spending another Christmas season with.

Thankful for the opportunity to buy presents for those I love and gather together to enjoy a meal.

I am also aware that not everyone will be surrounded by good food and family this season.

The foster care agency I work for opened several new foster homes in the last couple of weeks. Those beds could soon be filled with confused and hurting children who need a safe place to stay for Christmas. It is a sobering reality of the world we live in.

My prayer is that we never take things for granted and continue to do our part to make the world a better place.

So may you seize every opportunity this season to spread hope, joy, peace and love!

We all need more of that!

Merry Christmas! May your holiday season bring you

  • hope for the new year
  • joy in the moment
  • peace in the midst of all the unknown
  • and love that surrounds and sustains you!

In the midst of the mess


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