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Counting down

It’s that time of year when everything feels like it’s coming to an end but there’s so much to anticipate!

There have been many things that remind me of endings and beginnings.

Our kids have been counting down to the last day of school (which was today).

The advent calendar is counting down to Christmas.

My reading plan is counting down to the end of the year.

The presents are all getting wrapped and under the tree.

People are wrapping up the year end stuff for their businesses.

The days are counting down to the winter solstice.

We are racing towards the end…

So we can begin again!

The contrast of endings and beginnings side by side.

It is the hope of the coming year that we look towards.

As I think about our rhythm of Foster Parent life I realize their are very few things we count down to. We never really know when things will end or when a new rhythm will begin. Sometimes it feels like an endless stretch of managing behaviours, filling out paperwork, advocating for supports and repeating instructions.

It will never end… there isn’t a new beginning for those things!

But hope is always bringing new things. The hope of a new school semester and the possibility of success. The hope that a diagnosis will lead to a better understanding and new behaviours. The hope that family relationships will be restored. The hope that restrictions will be lifted and new opportunities will be available. The hope that stability will continue to encourage healing.

So I’m counting down… with the hope of starting fresh.

Next Friday is Christmas Eve and I am looking forward to celebrating with family.

I hope your year is ending well! May you count down to a fresh start in 2022.

In the midst of the mess


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