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Little Things – part 2

Little things are what make the big picture beautiful!

There are days that you have to be thankful for the little things and let the big picture sort itself out!

The coffee made by hubby in the morning

The dog that is always happy to see you

The kid that rushes home to tell you about their day

The dinner that turns out just right

The teenager that says thank you

The text from a friend

The laughter that surprises you

The kindness of a stranger

The completed task

The memory that made you smile

The smell of clean laundry

The blue jay outside your window

The parking spot when you need it

Little things that can seem inconsequential and yet add up to joy!

Sometimes we have the power to orchestrate those little things for others and we miss the opportunity. What if the little things are actually the big things?

Take some time today to sow seeds… little things… into the lives of those around you!

A compliment spoken

A mess tidied without comment

A smile for the cashier

A neighbour greeted by name

Go the extra mile in… packing a lunch, preparing a breakfast, setting the table for supper

Let someone go in front of you at the grocery store

Post something on your social media that will prompt people to smile

Be a part of spreading joy through the little things!

The journey of foster care is made up of a million little things that change the course of a lifetime! Sometimes we need the reminder to be faithful in the little things!

In the midst of the mess


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