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Little Things

I had a plan to make banana bread this morning.

Last night I set out the cookbook by the mixer and put the 3 overripe bananas there.

These are the same bananas that have sat in the fruit bowl on the table for a week and nobody touched them.

Take a look at the picture and tell me what’s missing!

So…. someone decided to eat an overripe banana this morning!!

Why? Why did they not notice the recipe and the mixer?

Someone likes to have hot chocolate after school each day now.

Everyday there is a dried puddle of hot chocolate and chocolate powder on the counter.

Everyday there is a mug with dried hot chocolate in the bottom sitting downstairs.

Why is it so hard to wipe the counter and bring your mug up to the dishwasher?

Toothpaste has a cap.

The cap is meant to go on the toothpaste… it helps keep things tidy.

Toothpaste belongs on your toothbrush and in your mouth! Not all over the sink, counter, toothpaste tube and mirror!

But I must supply a new tube every month after a 4-month supply has been wasted!

The socks on the floor…

The changing Covid19 rules…

The open Shreddies in the pantry…

The marker and paint all over the arms…

The new worker assigned to the kids… again…

The keys and wallet on the kitchen counter…

What are the little things that irritate you? Do you let them pile up?

These are all little things!! But little things can bury you until it takes you days to dig out! I can choose to respond with growing frustration or I can accept things and move on! Being a foster parent is a long stretch of learning to accept the things you cannot change!

Just look at the snow. One snowflake at a time it piles up until it takes monumental effort to dig out! One raindrop at a time the lower mainland of British Columbia has been incapacitated!

Little things!

Don’t let the little things you can do something about bury you!

In the midst of the mess


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