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Things that make me smile

I need to be thankful for the good things in my life.

Sometimes it’s all the little things that make you realize life is good.

I killed a toaster this week….

… but I got a new toaster and it’s shiny and clean and I like it!

There have been some challenges in the world of fostercare…

… but we are doing okay and are anticipating welcoming more teens into our home!

I’ve had trouble sleeping…

… but I got to get up and see the amazing aurora borealis and I was able to take pictures from my own backyard!

The Covid19 situation just keeps dragging on and on…

… but my family is all healthy, and that hasn’t always been the case in this long stretch of uncertainty!

Working from home on a big project this week was draining…

… but I was able to enjoy the birds out my window, and all my favourites visited! My blue jays lined up and said hello, the pileated woodpecker came to say hi, the little downy woodpecker stopped by for a snack, the flicker came by, and of course all the little birds that are regulars.

All these little joys make me smile!

What are your little joys?

In the midst of the mess


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