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Finish well

October is almost over. Next week we will be in November and before we know it December will be upon us.

I remember January and all the hope for a year without restrictions… the hope of normalcy

Those hopes have been disappointed… more than once.

Last year felt disappointing on so many levels! Family get-togethers were missed. Travel opportunities evaporated and restrictions kept us struggling to connect with our friends and family for the sake of our mental health!

This year turned out to be much the same.

I find myself wanting to throw caution to the wind. I’m tired of being careful, wearing a mask and keeping my distance.

Football is wrapping up for my foster son in high school. He was listing all the guys that have been skipping practice and coming late and how much it is frustrating the coaches. I found myself telling him that sometimes it’s not how we start but how we finish that says the most about our priorities. Those guys don’t think it matters anymore because the season is almost over or they’re in Grade 12 and won’t be here next year anyway. But it matters to their teammates. In the end it won’t matter how invested they were at the beginning. What will be remembered is how they gave up at the end.


Covid-19 is here to stay. We all have had to grapple with that. Maybe how we began this pandemic season is how we need to finish it. If we can just hang on and keep being careful, wearing a mask and keeping our distance it might bring this awful pandemic to it’s close. Finishing well matters.

Foster Care feels a bit like that too. It is easy to start your journey as a foster parent and apply all the learning, and love unconditionally. Then the paperwork starts to feel tedious and you realize that some of the annoying behaviours aren’t going to go away. You wish for peace and quiet, or a house that stays tidy a little longer. You repeat the same instructions over and over and over… and know that you will repeat them the next day. You gather up the stuff strewn throughout the house and wipe the toothpaste out of the sink again. Giving up feels appealing. Maybe the fact we started well and made a difference for these couple of years is enough!

But it isn’t. How you finish matters.

So to all the parents out there (foster or otherwise) hang in there and keep doing the job. To all those struggling to keep going in whatever challenge you are facing, keep going! It matters!

In the midst of the mess


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