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This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving and one of my favourite holidays!

I love autumn! I love the colours as the trees change. I love the cool crisp mornings and warm afternoons. I love the blue skies.

And I love the season of gratitude. We have much to be thankful for and I’m glad we have this annual reminder to stop and reflect on the many things we enjoy.

This year I am more aware than ever that being thankful involves a journey. For some that journey comes through struggles and challenges. For others that journey comes through self awareness. For still others it is a journey of discovery. But you don’t usually just land at thankfulness… you live a life… and choose to be thankful.

It is easy to say “Be thankful.” or “Count your blessings.” and think that everyone should automatically be moved to do so. But gratitude is a deep-seated awareness of how rich your life is, of how much you could lose, and how much you can share.

I am thankful for the richness that is mine to enjoy!

  • my husband: best friend, life partner and the other half of all that I am
  • my children: the ones I birthed, the ones they’ve chosen to marry, and the ones I have the privilege of being foster mom to!
  • my home: It keeps us warm, brings us all together and holds the memories of a life together
  • mine and my husband’s jobs: that give us a place to make a difference in the world and provides income in return
  • our extended families: That give us roots in the past and support for the future
  • our province and country: That extend us the freedoms we enjoy and the protection we take for granted.
  • and those are just the big things… the list could go on and on…

The journey this year has come through a global pandemic, economic uncertainty, family additions, foster care challenges and a fresh realization that nothing is certain for tomorrow and my eternity doesn’t rest in the here and now.

I am incredibly grateful for the past year and all that it held and I look forward to the coming year believing there will be even more to be grateful for!

In the midst of the mess


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