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Sometimes life seems so big… so overwhelming… that you think you don’t make a difference anywhere. We are small in the vast expanse… but we can be big in the lives of those we see every day.

I have looked up at the stars my entire life and been in awe of how big the world is. I am one person on a planet that teems with people. Many of them have more talents and abilities than me. Many have more courage and more perseverance. How do I make a difference? What is my purpose? How do I deal with that sense of insignificance?

It is easy to feel insignificant in the midst of a global pandemic, a national election and all the brokenness that surrounds us. But we have to realize that even though the stars don’t acknowledge our existence… we exist in a world of other people battling their insignificance. We all bump into each other and in our little part of the world we make a difference. I am surrounded by people who impact me every day. They acknowledge me in big and small ways and they make a difference to me.

I saw this photo of a book excerpt recently, I have no idea where it is from or who it is by. If you know I’d appreciate you letting me know so I can credit them. It speaks of all the different ways that people are significant to me. I have many people who “have a key ring on their hip with many keys jingling” and I think I may have a key or two for those around me. I appreciate the reminder that I don’t have to be everything for everybody! Relationships are one place that we become incredibly significant.

In the land of foster care there is opportunity to be significant in the life of a child, or many children. My heart breaks as I hear the stories of children who are neglected, abused or kicked out of their home. Relationships shattered, trust betrayed. There are children who just need ONE person who will stick with them through the hurt and the pain and give them space to process their trauma and move towards healing. It’s hard. But it is significant!

Our foster kids are slowly figuring out who they are and how they make a difference in the world around them. It takes time and patience as they fumble through their trauma and pain and learn to trust us. I think we are restoring what was lost in their lives so they can go on to make a significant difference to those around them! What a privilege!

When you feel you can’t do the big things even the little thing can make a difference. A smile, a kind word. Reaching out to a friend or a neighbour just to say hello. Those things have significance. They make a positive difference in a world that is struggling. My prayer every day is that I would be a blessing to someone. That my words or actions would have significance in someone’s journey.

The little things we do make a difference but they can have a negative impact too.

My sewing machine ground to a halt in the middle of a project this week. I was worried it was fatal! What my hubby discovered was a thread that had gotten in where it didn’t belong and proceeded to tangle up until it brought things to a halt. A little thread… I can snap it easily when there is one strand, became a force that stopped the machine. It was a little thing that shouldn’t have mattered! Little things can have a negative impact too. Be aware of what you say and don’t say to others. Be aware of what you share on social media. The little things can have a growing negative impact on people too. Let go of the grudge, offer forgiveness, choose to let it go so you don’t encourage the growth of something negative and damaging!

It’s easy to think we don’t make a difference anywhere but the reality is we make an impact everywhere we go… we choose whether it is positive or negative.

I hope you know how you make a difference in the world. I hope you are a force for good in the lives of those you know.

Get out and make a difference. Encourage someone, listen, smile, share what you have! Get out and vote in the Federal Election on Monday if you live in Canada! Significance is all around.

In the midst of the mess


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