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What is your Kryptonite? What is it that makes you lose the ability to be your best self?

night sky Aug 12. iPhone 12 photo.

In case you don’t know the back story, Kryptonite is the mineral from Superman’s home planet Krypton that has the ability to weaken him. The word is used now to signify something that is your weak spot.

We had a situation not long ago where one of our foster kids was scammed by someone online promising them money for a Shout Out on a certain app. To most of us that would scream “Too good to be true… therefore NOT!” but money is their Kryptonite.

If you’ve never had enough money, or never had any under your own control, and the world constantly tells you through social media that money is the source of everything you want… it is understandable. The Othermother never let them have any responsibility for money, and they are learning as teens what could have been taught much earlier. When asked why they gave out their banking information, when they know they are never to do that, the reply was “Well, I heard “money”, and thought of all the things I want, and I just did it.” This was coupled with “But I learned my lesson”, as the confession was made to us. I’m not sure the lesson was learned…

Sunset on Lake Wabamun

The thing about Kryptonite is we never really know when it’s going to show up and cripple us, and we often don’t recognize until after the fact that we were the victim.

Before you judge a foster kid who made a mistake, let me ask you again, what is your Kryptonite?

There are many things that take away our ability to be our best selves. Something as insidious as self-doubt can keep us from making a difference where we are needed. The constant longing for something else can keep us from offering what we have now. The whispered promise of the lottery ticket, the glass of wine, the extra brownie, the new relationship… you fill in the blank. What do you look back on and realize it was your Kryptonite? It weakened your ability to be your best self!

None of those things are bad, but they can be our kryptonite! They can weaken our ability to be our best selves and make a difference in the world.

A world without superheroes would be a boring world! Why do you think people flock to the theatres to see the newest Marvel or DC offering?

You are called to be a superhero right where you are! But it doesn’t mean having superpowers… it means being your best self and being available to do what you are called to do. Love your spouse unreservedly, parent your kids with patience, be an influence for good wherever you are! If we all lived as our best selves, the people we were made to be, the world would be a different place!

In the midst of the mess


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