Sometimes summer is a restful stretch of blissful days where the sky is blue and the drinks are cold. The days feel endless and the nights magical. You spend more time laughing and dreaming. More time with people you love, doing things that you enjoy.

That’s what summer should be. A season where we replenish our souls so that we can dive into the growth that fall typically brings with school routines and programs kicking off. Even if you don’t have kids the fall means that many programs and clubs resume and opportunities to get involved abound. We should enter fall with our tanks topped up ready to pour our energies and abilities into the next season.

Sometimes summer is a sweltering stretch of blistering days where the sky is blue and you sweat non-stop. The days feel endless and the nights even longer. You spend more time searching out air conditioning and hiding in your basement. More time with Netflix and wishing the hours away.

That’s what this summer has been for a lot of people. A season where you grit your teeth and hang on waiting for the relief that fall routines bring. Exhaustedly stepping back into the race of running from club to program. Wondering when you will reach your breaking point but slogging on determinedly.

There are still a few weeks of summer! What was on your summer list of things to do? I’ve checked off a few of mine but there are still a few I need to accomplish! A meal on a rooftop patio with my adult kids is on the top of the list. If it doesn’t happen I will have no one but myself to blame. I’m the organizer…

What will fill your tank and give you rest? Look for it now and make it happen. It’s not too late!

In the midst of the mess,


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