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Where we live life moves through seasons and each season has it’s unique properties.

We have just come through spring and settled into summer. This summer has been hotter than any I have experienced before! Summer is often a time of rest and refreshment but the heat is draining for me.

What makes it bearable is knowing it’s just a season… and usually a short one!

Summer settles into a steady growth of all things. Our one bird house seems to be hosting it’s 3rd family. The babies are noisy in the morning when their parents get to work feeding them. The rain brings a freshness and hope for new growth.

We recently participated in the annual clean up of the cemetery where my great-grandparents, grand-parents and other family members are buried. It was a reminder of the seasons of life. It was great to have so many people out caring for the grounds. The peace in the pines there speaks of many seasons that have passed. The stories being shared by those who remember, of those who rest there now, were a refreshing part of the day. When we all lay at rest one day, I hope there will be good stories told of how we lived.

Our kids look ahead at summer with both anticipation and dread. They are happy to not have school and schedules and they are worried they will be bored and waste the time. We are thankful that the Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted and we are experiencing new freedom!

We didn’t anticipate heading into our third summer with these same kids. Foster Care is meant to be a season of caring and rebuilding so that there can be restoration. Two years ago we were still hopeful for the reuniting of these kids with the Othermother. We didn’t know that season would turn into a year, and then two. We are well into year 3 and it appears this will be our new normal. We will walk through the seasons with these two as our children.

The seasons with them reflect life as a teenager. There is angst and drama, confusion and confidence, and growth. They are figuring out who they are and who they want to be. We have the privilege of walking through these seasons with them.

I love the changing seasons. In the midst of summer I look forward to the coolness of fall, but I don’t want to rush. A day in the graveyard reminded me of how blessed we are to enjoy each day.

We will continue to enjoy these two and pray that the Othermother received the recent update we sent. I hope she knows her children are loved and cared for. I hope she finds her way back to health. I hope there is a season in the future where she is a part of her children’s lives again.

The thing about seasons is that they are constantly changing.

In the midst of the mess,


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