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What causes drama in your life?

Teenagers are kind of known for their drama. It seems they can create mountains out of seeming molehills just about anywhere!


A way of relating to the world in which a person consistently overreacts to or greatly exaggerates the importance of benign events.

The Urban Dictionary

One of our latest examples revolved around homework. Taking a condensed course in Summer school is a lot of work. When a course that is typically done over an entire semester is completed in 6 days it involves homework. The email from the teacher even stated that students will have homework every night and if they tell you otherwise they are lying!!

So it was no surprise when asked each night about homework the reply was “Nope, none”

We could have pressed the matter, but in highschool they should be able to manage some of their own stuff. Fast forward to the last day of the class and a mark that didn’t indicate he passed the course. Upon further investigation there are 12 Not Handed In assignments on the report. He sheepishly admits he did have homework but didn’t think it mattered.

The teacher graciously gave him til 11:59 pm that night to hand them in for marks. Let the drama begin!

First of all a very tired young man who may, or may not, have been caught up and dressed at 1:30am apparently NOT sneaking out to meet friends. (Insert eyeroll here). This may explain a couple of days in a row of not being able to get up in the morning with out serious intervention and falling asleep in class each day.

Secondly, there is more drama going down in the social circles that has to be attended to constantly on his phone. So between 4:30pm when he got home from school and 9:30pm when we checked on his progress he had handed in 3 of the 12. (He did have a short break for supper where there was much complaining about being tired. So after 5 hours of work the 3 smallest projects, 2 of which he was mostly done, are finished.

So at 9:30 I gave him a motivator, “You owe me $15 for every NHI on this report card”.

Definitely not happy with me! Exclamations of “Not fair!”, “I’m not paying that.” ensued. Hubby let me know he was not in support of this new tactic.

Then he and I sat down at the kitchen table and I helped him focus and keep moving on the homework. By 11:30 I was tired, but he had finished 4 of the bigger projects, so we gave him the rest of the time to complete what he could and went to bed.

He managed to hand in ten of them from a 7 hour marathon of homework. He will have the option of finishing the final 2 to hand in to me, paying me cash, or working for me to cancel the debt. The consequences of him creating this drama are being felt by all of us. I’m tired.

He could have avoided all of this by doing the hour a night of homework he was supposed to be doing. His choices created drama.

In case you’re shaking your head and relegating drama to teens, they don’t have the corner on it! I can think of few things lately that adults have turned into a bigger deal than they need to be.

Covid-19 restrictions and vaccinations come to mind. So much drama on social media about whether to get the vaccine or not, whether you can celebrate being vaccinated or not, whether you should still wear a mask or not, whether work can ask about your vaccines or not.

How you navigate all of this will be up to you and you determine how much drama it produces. Know what you think and why you think it. Act on your convictions and give others the grace to do the same. This season has been tough to navigate on many fronts, let’s not make it harder by being inflammatory about things.

I am saddened by the amount of drama being created around the loosening of restrictions. Maybe we just need to get out of other people’s business and try to look for the positives! Let’s celebrate that if you don’t want to wear a mask anymore you don’t have to and if you want to keep wearing one you can! Both sides need to quit judging! Let’s celebrate that if a vaccination gives you peace of mind it’s available to you and if you’re not comfortable with it that’s your choice! Let’s just quit creating drama by judging those who choose differently.

Much like my teenager, we make our own lives harder when we create drama about things that don’t need to be a big deal.

I’m looking forward to a drama free weekend! How bout you?

In the midst of the mess


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