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It has been incredibly hot this past week. There have been records broken all over the province and we got to be a part of it! It is the longest stretch of hot weather I have ever experienced in my lifetime. Considering I don’t like anything above 25 degrees Celsius, having it be over 35 degrees Celsius for the entire week is a bit much. When it’s still over 30 at 10 pm it’s rough!

We look with much enthusiasm at those temperatures in the 20’s that are supposed to be coming, although the rain has already moved off into the distance on my forecast. The heat was a good excuse to do as little as possible this week, and take every advantage of a cool spot!

In the midst of this we wrapped up the school year with a virtual Grade 9 farewell, a Grade 7 honours student and a much loved bus driver. I am so proud of the kids for finishing well in another challenging year. For them school has been challenge after challenge as their learning is constantly disrupted! And hubby will miss his busload of kids each day.

The summer looms ahead with endless possibilities as restrictions are lifted and a new found freedom is available for all. What will we do?

Kids have already said they are afraid of being bored and on some level I dread trying to encourage them to do things. When you are doing nothing… it is so easy to keep doing nothing!

What were all the things you were looking forward to when the pandemic lockdowns were the strictest? Visiting with friends? Hugging family? Dining out? Going to a concert? Meeting new people? Wandering through a Farmer’s Market? Seeing people’s smiles again?

It is so easy to slip into complacency and forget all the things we yearned for when we couldn’t do them. It might suddenly seem too difficult to go visit family, or like scheduling things is such a hassle now that you’re busier. Don’t fall into the trap!!

Many people realized during the pandemic that they wanted more in their life than what they were experiencing. As things reopen we all have opportunity to reboot and live the life we longed for when we were sitting at home.

So go get your nails done, try a new restaurant, join a gym, take a painting class, invite your neighbour over for coffee, go fishing, visit a museum, book a trip, play a game with a child, buy flowers for yourself, book a massage, wash your car, write someone a letter, learn to cook something new, grow a plant, put up a swing, nap in a hammock, go pick berries, visit the zoo, go see your sister, brother, parents, grandparents… you get the picture!

Get out and do something! The summer stretches before us and it’s going to be glorious!

In the midst of the mess,


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