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The Sun Will Shine Again

The sun came out this morning! It has been a gray and rainy week.

We were all starting to feel it.

The news is looking more positive as far as the pandemic goes… but when you look beyond that the world is still a messed up place.

The week has felt like a constant battle to believe in good. A sense of impending catastrophe looms over things.

We have been dealing with behaviours with our foster kids that are a sad reality of trauma. Helping them navigate the world they live in and all it’s pressures is messy.

A few people have asked me if Indigenous children in Foster Care isn’t just a continuation of the legacy of Residential Schools… I don’t have an easy answer. We have much work to do to repair the damage of the past. I believe we’re on the right track.

As they start to do searches around other Residential schools what else will be found? How much heartbreak will we have yet to face as we own the history of Canada. As we talked about colonization this week in our course it was shocking to see just how blatantly we displaced the indigenous people.

It all just feels a little gray!

Yet often the path to healthy and whole goes through a lot of gray! There are many things that seem to get worse before they get better. Sometimes you have to face the past to move into the future.

My dog dreads a haircut and bath. But she is really happy to be clean and cool again!

Sometimes getting through the hard stuff is just a fact of life!

As we keep learning through the courses we are taking I am so thankful for the resources we have to deal with the hard times in our life. I’m also thankful that we can help others as they navigate their battles!

So here is to sunny days and a carefree summer!

Let’s all get out and enjoy the sunshine and celebrate the blessings we enjoy!

In the midst of the mess,


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