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I opened my weather app this morning and it said it was raining.

I looked out the window at a blue sky and sunshine.

Just one example of when the information presented doesn’t line up with what your 5 senses are telling you.

It happens all the time. Sometimes it is blatantly obvious which is truth and which is not.

It didn’t matter what my weather app said… I could see the blue sky and sunshine out my window. It might have been raining for someone somewhere… although doubtful for St. Albert because it’s not that big of a place. But it was not raining for me.

Without naming the current hot topic that is awash in misinformation let me just say that I am exhausted by it. There are these facts and those facts, and these people and those people and everyone knows they are right and everyone knows what everyone else should be doing if they were smart!!

I’m tired of it all.

Every area of life has misinformation!

“If you only use this product, choose this belief system, live in this type of community, manage your money this way, … the list could go on endlessly; your life will be trouble free.

Not true! Life will always have challenges and troubles. We choose how we deal with them!

Foster Care has it’s own list of misinformation spreading about it. I won’t list all the things I’ve heard but there is plenty of misinformation out there!

The truth is that believing someone is misguided or flat out wrong does not give us permission to be rude, unkind or mean! This is what is exhausting me more than anything!

So let’s focus on what we all know to be true right now!

There are lots of challenges for people.

Some people have more challenges than others.

Everything is better if we are kind to one another.

Being kind is a choice everyone is capable of making.

Everyone has things they can be thankful for.

Being thankful is a choice.

So I choose to be kind and I will be thankful for the many blessings in my life right now.

Like most of you I have a pretty good idea of what is true and what is not in my world. There are people who would disagree with me on many things. I might even have some of them wrong. But life is about learning how to live with yourself and others in a world that is constantly changing.

So I will stand in my belief that there is a God who loves me completely and has a good plan for my life. I will stand in my belief that I can make a difference in a broken world by being a foster parent and caring for children affected by trauma. I will stand in my belief that being kind in an unkind world will make a bigger impact than you will ever know. I will stand in my belief that Covid-19 is real and that people are doing the best they can in dealing with it.

That’s my rant for today!

I’m off to watch my daughter get married in a confusing and constantly changing world and hope for the best for them in their life as husband and wife.

In the midst of the mess


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