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Today I have nothing to say. Not because there is nothing going on… but because I have no words at the moment.

Sometimes life is like that.

I might just need time to process.

It might be that things are a little too fresh to share.

Being a foster parent can be hard.

You invest your heart and pour out your guidance and wisdom… and hope for the best.

I am reminded again that everyone makes their own choices. I can’t make them for them.

We never know what people consider when they are making decisions for themselves.

Sometimes they don’t know either.

We chatted today about second chances. They assure me they think everyone deserves a second chance.

When I asked about third chances they hesitated.

When I mentioned fourth chances they said definitely not.

The question had been framed to imply other people making mistakes that affect you. When I asked “What about you? Do you deserve fourth chances when you make mistakes?” the answer was silence.

Reality is sobering, it is much nicer to talk about theories.

So we will continue to love the children of the Other Mother and desire the best for them.

We will adjust our perspective and incorporate some changes that will give us a better chance at seeing behaviour changes that are needed.

I am thankful for “the village” that surrounds us as we wade into the muddy waters of fostering. I could not do this alone.

In the midst of the mess,


One thought on “Nothing

  1. I love your blog, and it seems even when you feel you have nothing to say, you are still full of insight and wisdom. You and your family are tremendous blessing to many around you.


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