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Resolved for 2021

Well… we made it! 2020 is over.

I had a look back at my first posts of 2020 and thought I would reflect on then and now!

My first post of the year I reflected on the resolutions most people make at the beginning of the year. Somehow when we reflect back on the year, it often motivates us to change some things for the next year! No one likes to look back and think that things would have been different if only they had… (fill in the blank).

Well most of those resolutions are forgotten by February according to statistics so what did they look like in 2020?

Whatever your intentions for the year were it is doubtful you saw what was coming! In March the world was changed by the realization that a global pandemic was upon us. As restrictions were imposed and how we lived our lives changed it rocked almost everyone. For some there were much needed changes forced upon us!

Anyone who had made a resolution to stay home more, eat out less and spend less money got a big boost! The Covid-19 pandemic kept us home and forced us to adjust our lifestyle. Unfortunately it also impacted the financial state of many families and money is one of the top causes of relationship breakdown. In the world of Foster Care that means that things get busy as more family breakdowns happen, the safety net of school is taken away and the stress causes addictions to spike.

If you made a resolution to be more social, get to the gym more and connect with family more… well this year was truly a kick in the teeth. The isolation many have felt will probably result in 2021’s top resolution being connecting with others! Those important connections are also huge in maintaining mental health for people so that added it’s own set of challenges to the year. A recent poll suggests that 40% of Canadians struggled with depression, addictions and mental health this year. Sobering number.

Our resolution for 2020 was “to continue to make a difference in the lives of the children who’s other mother is absent. We will make goals and plans and do the work towards seeing health and restoration.” Our hope was that we would continue in our resolutions and celebrate at the end of 2020.

I am happy to say that we kept these resolutions! We are still parenting the same children. We have laughed with them, cried with them, and moved them forward in processing the trauma they have experienced. They have been tutored, counselled, assessed and most of all loved!! They have moved towards health!

As for the Other Mother… her journey has taken a different path.

This year we will continue to work towards hope and healing for these children. Talks of permanency are on the horizon. I truly have no idea what this year will hold! We are also choosing to do respite care for other children in the hope that we can make a difference in their lives. The need is great for people who have time to give.

The business of life, however, doesn’t stop because a pandemic is sweeping the globe. There is still work to be done, a house to be kept up, people to feed, laundry to do and people who need us to show up and be our best selves no matter what is going on!

So my resolution for this year is to continue to be light in a dark world and pray that others join me in the journey!

In the midst of the mess


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