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Loophole or Letter of the Law

The latest restrictions because of the Covid-19 Pandemic have me thinking about why we do the things we do.

Are you the kind of person who adheres to the Letter of the Law?

Or are you the person who looks for the Loopholes?

I think it says a lot about how you see your world.

I listen as people try to justify their plans… through whatever loopholes they can find… and I wonder how they disregard authority and distrust so much. It seems like a hard place to ever find peace with anything

I listen as people judge others for the slightest infractions as they sit waving the Letter of the Law and wonder how they can see the world so black and white. How can they truly love anyone if they are always so critical.

Most of us have probably landed in both camps at one point in time or another if we are honest with ourselves. There are times it is to our advantage to wiggle our way through the loopholes and there are times we are best served by standing on the Letter of the Law.

Some might say it is the tension between grace; letting things slip through the loopholes, and truth; upholding the letter of the law.

The journey of Foster Parenting is a constant balancing act between grace and truth. The two are held in constant tension as we guide the children of the Other Mother. There are times for consequences and there are times for looking the other way. Wisdom decides between the two.

As we walk out this Christmas marked by a global pandemic, we hope to model a trust in those who know more than we do about the state of the world. I will choose to believe that people are trying their best to do their job well as they lead, advise, communicate and make decisions on tough things. I know that they may not always get it right… but none of us are right all the time.

I want the children who are in my care to trust my intentions are good. They don’t have to. They could follow the lead of what they see in the world and be suspicious, and distrustful. They could believe the lie that they are the only ones who can look after themselves and no one else is to be trusted. They could question every decision we make and look for sources that would support their concerns. It would not make their world a better place.

There are people like that everywhere. In business, in your neighbourhood, in Foster Care and in your family. It is not wrong to ask questions, but we need to be careful that those questions are an honest quest for information, not a disdainful attempt at a put down.

I choose to believe that my life rests securely in the hand of a God who loves me. He has gifted me with the resources to be a blessing to others. My prayer has always been that I would be a blessing to all that I meet and that my words would be a cool drink of water, not a mouthful of sand.

So as we navigate a global pandemic we will continue to try and bless those we meet. We will offer our resources of peace, hope, love and joy to those we encounter along the way and pray they are encouraged.

It is what I want for all my friends and family and for the Other Mother. This season must be incredibly lonely for her. I hope she has someone she trusts who can help her make sense of the world in which she lives.

So whether you are looking for the loophole or resigned to the restrictions may your Christmas be full of peace, hope, love and joy.

In the midst of the mess


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