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Covid Can’t Stop Christmas

More restrictions.

No way to get over this other than to go through it.

You can look for the loop holes… or you can stop whining and complaining and look for ways to make this an amazing Christmas.

Be creative.

Be Positive.

Inspire hope.

Spread peace.

Act in love.

Let there be joy!

There are many in the Foster Care system who cannot make the choices you can. As we look at doing respite care in this season, I find myself hurting for those who have been displaced by the changes of the last 9 months. My kids asked about their Mom. Still nothing to tell them. There are many reasons for them and others like them to complain. Instead they look with excitement on the coming season… last year was their first Christmas with us, they don’t have the years of tradition. Every year is new. We can learn from that.

If you are warm, safe and healthy and have at least one other person to celebrate the season with you are blessed. Get your eyes off the restrictions and start thinking on how to make this year a Christmas to remember.

All the negative stuff just doesn’t help. So do your processing and then move on!

You have rights and privileges. Exercise them and get over it! No one has cancelled Christmas, we just get to reinvent it!

That’s as close to a lecture as I want to get!

In the midst of the mess


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