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One Size Fits All

Can you think of another commonly seen statement that is overwhelmingly untrue!

The idea that one size will work for everyone is a great theory… but it just isn’t true! Not even in hats!

I have seen it amended to read One Size Fits Most… but even that is problematic.

Our Foster Son completed a Learning Assessment last month and we received the report recently. Much of it is ranked against the “bell curve” that most of us are familiar with from school. The idea that “most” will fit in the middle highlights the One Size Fits All mentality. But if you look at the incredible range in the bell curve that is labelled “normal” you realize how much we try to stretch the One Size Fits All motto.

The fact is that very few people actually thrive in the current school learning environment, and Covid 19 has added a whole level of stress and complication to an already challenging situation. Most survive the educational system and graduate with the coveted diploma. We all probably know of those who didn’t do it.

One Size DOESN’T Fit All!

  • Not in clothing
  • Not in hats
  • Not in learning
  • Not in our Covid response
  • Not in our marriages
  • Not in parenting
  • Not in families
  • Definitely not in Foster Families

The reality is that anything that claims it will work for everyone is false.

We are all struggling to form our own response to the pandemic and all that it means for us in our unique situation. Just because you have found a way forward doesn’t mean that your way will be the right way for anyone else! Sometimes it is helpful to share how we do things … it can be inspiring for others. It is never helpful to be derogatory about how someone else is choosing to do things.

enjoying the outdoors

So as you look around at how others are processing the latest stage of the pandemic. Be kind. There is a lot of information out there for people to sift through. There are a lot of different realities out there that people are dealing with. Be thankful for what is good in your life. Don’t focus on the “what if’s”. Today has enough challenges of its own.

My hubby and I were discussing how marriage relationships are different. We brought up the “Date Night Rule” and how we have never really followed the idea of making a night out for ourselves a priority. The reason it never stuck is that it isn’t something that brings life into our relationship. The equivalent for us is Saturday morning coffee. At least 2 uninterrupted hours of relaxed conversation over our morning coffee. We both feel connected after our morning time. It works for us. It’s been 30 years in the making. Each relationship will need to find their own times of meaningful connection and make it a priority. One Size DOESN’T Fit All.

The food she loves, he likes, and we tolerate.

Our Fostering journey has been unlike any other we have seen. It continues to surprise us and we continue to learn. In any family setting there are different preferences and everyone learns to adapt to the others. Each family has their own set of joys and challenges. One Size DOESN’T Fit All.

So if it has ever bothered you that you don’t fit in the One Size Fits All category… relax! Very few people actually do! You are unique and that is to be celebrated!

Give people the grace to fit wherever they are…


In the midst of the mess (completely off the bell curve)


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