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What do you do when you feel cranky? Do you recognize it quickly or are you oblivious until you lose your cool?

I’ve heard a lot about people being cranky the last few days. Covid-19 fatigue is one of the things that comes up. I’ve felt it, although I have no specific reason I can identify… just a cumulative total of things that I am choosing to let bother me.

You read that right… I am choosing to let things get to me. I understand that nothing can make me be less of person than I am capable of.

I know we prefer to word it that way; “He makes me so angry!”, “She makes me want to scream!”, but the truth is “His actions are causing me to feel anger.”, Her behaviour is highlighting my lack of self control”, would be more accurate statements. I can let an amazing amount of things slide by and not ruffle my feathers, when I choose to! When I don’t want to manage my own emotions anymore it is far easier to blame it on all the annoying people around me.

if only we were as unruffled as the dog!

Getting to the root of what makes me feel like I don’t want to behave well is tough. I can list several feelings that I have that add up to a lack of patience and grace for others.

  • feeling purposeless in the midst of my daily life
  • feeling overwhelmed by multiple emails a day from 2 different schools about the return to school
  • feeling smothered every time I have to don a mask
  • feeling like simple errands are complicated because of masks and hand sanitizer and limits on how many can be in the establishment
  • unmet expectations
  • feeling anxious about finances
  • feeling like I should be doing more… of something
  • feeling lonely in a crowded house
  • feeling….

The list goes on… so many feelings. You could probably come up with your own list. What do we do with these feelings? How do we sort out which ones need action and which ones need thought, conversation or prayer. How do we own our own response instead of blaming others. How many of them are rooted in impatience, uncertainty and fatigue caused by Covid-19 and all that a global pandemic has brought into our lives. How many of them have been building for a long time and we have just refused to deal with it.

Learning to manage those feelings is self-regulation.

This is a skill we all need to keep building. Figuring out why you are feeling the way you do is huge. Learning appropriate ways to deal with the emotions we are experiencing makes everything run smoother. Understanding when a night out with your friends will help dispel the anxiety is a part of knowing yourself. Realizing you need to spend some time alone to sort out the mental clutter could be what you need. There are many different ways to sort out our emotions… what works best for you?

Our Foster Son has been cranky lately… but he is realizing it and trying to own it. I love this! I love seeing his self awareness rise to the point he knows he isn’t being nice anymore! He is learning.

Some people never really get there!

As we all continue to deal with the ongoing pandemic lets give each other grace.

In the midst of the mess


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