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See a need. Fill a need.

What do you need today?

Not “What do you want?”, we all have a lot of those… I want the sun to shine, I want the kids to get up on time, I want someone to make supper… but what do you actually need?

We all have basic needs for food, shelter, clothing and purpose. Most of us have those met everyday without much thought. If you’re reading this you are on a device of some sort connected to the World Wide Web. That implies a certain amount of affluence.

Covid-19 has shaken up our idea of need by interrupting finances for some. The economic impact has been huge in our area of the world. Many who were living paycheque to paycheque are holding their breath wondering what comes next as the CERB payments stop and rent/mortgage has to be paid again… and they aren’t back to work yet.

The mental and emotional stress of looking into an uncertain tomorrow is taking its toll on many households. We are thankful that our basic needs continue to be met and although the future is still uncertain as far as employment, I am confident we will continue to keep our noses above water in this turbulent time.

This is not true for everyone.

As kids have gone back to school there have been many opposing views about the safety and wisdom of putting all those people together in one place. Even yesterday my Foster Son came home and told me they had a discussion in class about a nearby school that already has a rash of positive Covid-19 tests. The reality is, there will be more. No one believed we would launch school without seeing a rise in the Covid-19 cases. It was a reality that school boards chose to navigate as we try to move back to a livable rhythm of life. Apparently 30% of students have opted for at home learning this year. What a great option for those who aren’t comfortable with the risks of in-class learning or who discovered in this past season that their kids flourished doing school at home.

Some have been waiting for school, hanging by a thread in a tough situation. School is a safety net for some children. A place to be seen, valued… safe and sometimes fed. For some children home is a scary place. Imagine being trapped in a nightmare for 6 months. Imagine an unemployed parent with addiction issues, mental health issues or just anger and anxiety… at home with none of the usual reprieves of school and work. Imagine a lack of emotional resources and support systems. Imagine a child caught in this trying to hang on until school gives them a place to go again.

This has been the reality for some. In this season there have been children apprehended from homes where basic needs were not being met.




How many have suffered in the last six months because no one could see the abuse and neglect. I am thankful for teachers who care for our kids when they are in school. May they have wisdom as they assess the kids returning to school and courage if they see a kid who has been neglected.

So if your needs have been met in the midst of a global pandemic be thankful. If you had friends and family reach out and make sure you were okay you are blessed. If you checked up on people who might have been struggling because you had the emotional capacity to engage with someone else’s need, you are exceptional.

There will be a cost to this pandemic. We will all struggle to recover in many different ways. I’m not sure what “normal” will look like tomorrow or the next day. I know that a new normal can be better for all of us.

There is a need for those who have weathered this storm well to reach out and support those who didn’t. Check on your friends and neighbours, support local businesses and choose to get out and get involved where you can.

The need for Foster Homes is on my mind at the moment. So many children in need of a place to be safe and cared for, just for a season! What if that safe place is found with you, or someone you know?

The need is great. You can make a difference. You can take an active part in rebuilding a community by providing a safe place for a child. If you, or someone you know has ever considered opening your home to a child in need please take the next step and see if you can be a part of supporting children in need.

There is no “one size fits all” approach! Don’t think that because you knew a Foster Family and what you saw wouldn’t work for you that there aren’t options. Reach out and talk to an agency. Inquire as to what you could do. There is full time Foster Parent but there is also Respite care and Host Homes and hourly respite care…

Please share this post. Comment on it. Hit the Like button. All of these things help the information to get out there. We need more people to see the need. This might be the time they can step in and fill it. You could change the life of a child.

There are lots of needs and there are many ways to fill them.

In the midst of the mess


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