A time to relax and enjoy the moments

Let go of the schedule

Be spontaneous

Adventure more

Is this your summer reality? It’s often portrayed as an idyllic time in movies. But summer can be as busy as any other time if we don’t set it aside as different.

As we pass the midpoint of summer I see how the past month has provided opportunity for connection. If you’ve had teenagers you know that they often choose to be talkative on car rides or late nights. Both of those involve a lack of agenda and a stretch of time. Sometimes having nothing else to do is an invitation for connection. As much as we desire connection with our kids it can’t always be scheduled. It happens in those unplanned moments.

I had one of those moments this past week. We were camping and I was sitting in my chair reading. My foster son was sitting … apparently being bored… near me. I wrestled through my frustration with him, squashed the impulse to give him a task, and let him sit. I decided I was going to snooze in the shade and reclined my chair and just as I closed my eyes… “Hey… I need to talk to you…”

I sat up and gave him my attention and the conversation that followed was one of the most vulnerable and honest conversations we’ve had yet. He struggles to communicate his thoughts and feelings at the best of times but on this day he was articulate and thoughtful. It was a gift in the middle of a hot day. I was thankful for the time.

It happened because we were relaxing with no agenda… nothing to rush off to… space to be heard.

Connection happens in the unexpected moments in between our intentions. Trust was built and then tested in a confession. Grace was extended and connection was deepened.

Don’t schedule every moment… leave space for the stillness.

We are heading into a busy August full of adventures that will build memories, but we will try to leave room to relax.

In the midst of the mess


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