The Journey

All of us are on a journey.

That journey is the process of getting from where we are… to where we are going. Or from who we are to who we are becoming.

The journey doesn’t end in this life. No one arrives at perfection.

Some people enjoy a road with twists and turns, excitement around every bend and the unexpected always looming. It keeps them interested and engaged with the day to day. Others enjoy a nice long stretch where you have lots of time to see what’s coming at you. No hidden curves, no major hills to climb.

Most people enjoy a bit of both… but we often don’t get to pick which road we’re on. We might pick where we want to go… but the type of road that leads there isn’t our choice.

The roads that lead to the most beautiful places are often the most challenging roads.

Often we don’t know why the road was so challenging until we look behind us.

Mount Robson, B.C. in the rear view mirror

These are just some of my thoughts on the journey. I was thinking about roads as we travelled home on one of my favourite roads. It has many twists and turns and hills. I love to drive it in the different seasons and enjoy the changes. I usually prefer my life a little more predictable!

This journey of being a Foster Parent has not unfolded how we expected it to, but the journey has been beautiful. As we look back on the last year we understand a little more. As we reflect on the Covid 19 situation that we have all been living in we might not see all the reasons til we look back from further down the road.

The other mother is on a different journey. Her road has seemed to take a constant downhill run. The way back up is long and steep. It must look completely impossible.

So where ever you are in the journey I hope you enjoy the view. There is a reason for the challenges you face. Keep going!

Becoming all that you are meant to be is not easy!

In the midst of the mess


One thought on “The Journey

  1. Again, such a thoughtful message of hope and encouragement. I’ve been an observer of your journey for many years. What I love is how your faith has been your compass. That’s how you have handled the unpredictable twists and turns with such grace and strength. ♥️

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