Over reaction






“Just breathe”

Pant, pant


Yup, this is what I was hearing as I stood out of sight listening.

What hideous thing was happening. What grotesque task was being undertaken. What cruelty had we imposed on this poor girl?

Well, let’s add some back story.

We have a dog and a cat. Our dog is a 12 year old schnoodle who is totally devoted to me and mostly tolerates kids. She has her own unique set of characteristics and is not fond of being picked up or cuddled. She does love to be petted but on her own terms. Our cat belongs to my son. She’s eight years old and very friendly. She’ll lay down next to just about anyone and purr loudly at the slightest pet.

The Other Mother’s children arrived at our house terrified of animals. She was afraid and she passed on that fear to her children. They remember being so scared of Dixie when they first arrived.

They are now completely comfortable with our animals and the numerous other animals they have met through our friends and families. Matter of fact they’ve become quite the dog lovers, a testimony to the amazing dogs they have met in the last year!

This has led to the question of having their own pet. They know that each of my kids had their own cat, as well as assorted other pets, but they want a puppy.

Our conversations about the responsibility of owning an animal inevitably get around to the messy business of cleaning up after them. She assures me she will do this, but she won’t clean up the poop in our back yard. Matter of fact she has up to this point refused to clean the toilet in the bathroom.

The kids each have chores and about twice a month they clean the bathroom they use. He does the downstairs bathroom like a pro now, but there was a fair bit of drama in the beginning. She is younger so we didn’t require her to do as much, but she has wiped down the sink and counter and polished the mirror for a while now… but not the toilet.

So I pointed out that “If you can’t even wipe down a toilet in a bathroom twice a month how are you going to pick up dog poop everyday?”. She assured me she could do it, so I gave her a goal. If she cleans the entire bathroom (toilet included) every second week for the next three months without being reminded or whining about it… we will consider a puppy.

Which led to today’s sound track!




Pant pant


She wiped down the toilet.

Now let me assure you this was shiny white porcelain. No scum ring, no skid marks… maybe a little dust behind the toilet seat, possibly a hair or two. Too much information? It didn’t even look like it needed cleaning!

It had been thoroughly cleaned less than 6 days ago.

But she cleaned it. At great personal cost if you listened to the soundtrack! No whining, no complaining. It is amazing what she can do when she has a goal in mind, and I think we might be in trouble!

When is the last time you wanted something enough to wrestle through the gag reflex, sacrifice your personal comfort and go for it?

In the midst of the mess (but one spotlessly clean bathroom)


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