One Year

Today marks the anniversary of the day these two kiddos came into our home! Hard to believe they have been here a year and yet it seems like they’ve always been here!

I remember the day well. I was supposed to be going out that evening to participate in a Soup Sisters event with my Mom, sisters, aunts and cousins! I was really looking forward to it. When I was called about taking in a set of siblings I was moderate in my reaction. This was not the first time we had received a call and the last two hadn’t resulted in a kid arriving at our home. I was fully expecting to still be able to go out that evening. Then suddenly they were there… and the journey began. My evening was much different than planned.

I asked them what they remember about the day they arrived at our house. He remembers being afraid of our dog, and happy to get the room with the bigger bed. She remembers picking the gray room… and then it’s blank until we were eating at McDonalds.

We had to take them out and buy clothing that evening as they came with nothing. When we were done shopping at Walmart we ate at the McDonalds there. McDonalds was familiar to her and it felt reassuring. He was probably fearful of much that evening, but he remembers the dog.

I have been trying to figure out how to celebrate the anniversary!

Our curbside pick up anniversary meal! Thanks Taste of Ukraine.

We just celebrated the 30th anniversary of our marriage. We made a purposeful choice 30 years ago to commit ourselves to each other whatever the journey might hold. 30 years later we’re still learning, growing and enjoying the adventure. It is an anniversary worth celebrating!

How do you celebrate the day they came to us. They didn’t choose to be apprehended. The other mother didn’t choose to lose her children. The kids didn’t choose to be plunked in a strangers house and asked to adapt. They had no idea what the days ahead would look like. We did not anticipate that the other mother would disappear, that she would choose to run away from her difficulties… and her children. We did not foresee that one year later we would still be a family.

A sign we spotted on a recent canoe trip down the Sturgeon River

All of that heart break doesn’t deserve to be celebrated. But…

There are two children in my home today who were homeless a little over a year ago. Two children who are secure in the fact that they have their own room and clothes that fit for every season. They have parents who want to see them succeed, who listen when they ask questions and who are helping them understand the world in which they live. They have positive connections with their bio family and a whole pile of connections with ours! They are loved, and they know it!

That is worth celebrating!

So we will mark the day. There will be some level of somberness as we remember why this family of ours came into being, but there will also be joy as we reflect on the journey that brought us to this point.

There are discussions about permanency starting.

I don’t know what that means for them yet.

I don’t know what that will hold for us yet.

Only time will tell what this time next year will look like! Today we are thankful for them and all they have brought to our lives.

In the midst of the mess


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