Bits and Pieces

Having all the familiar routines and distractions stripped away and being told to stay home has caused quite the ripple. Thanks Covid-19 for throwing us all into disarray.

Being limited in what you can do puts most of us into a bit of funk. We live in a world that is always busy and for the most part we like it that way. It keeps us from looking too closely at the mess that we are.

But I believe that we can choose to see the beauty in even the darkest times and in the most difficult situations. Your life has not been an accident and all those bits and pieces you’ve been avoiding can only hurt you if you continue to keep them hidden away ignored. Why not take the time you have to drag out the scraps and give them a good look!

It’ll probably be messy… the bits and pieces have not been neatly stored away. There will be things you wonder why you’ve held onto all this time. There will be things you have no idea why you even have. There will be things that cause pain and sorrow. But take heart. If you start to work through it a bit at a time things will become more manageable.

Still tackling it all might seem overwhelming. A plan can help… find a way to deal with each thing and bring order to it. A pattern of life to follow. A set of guidelines to help you make sense of it all. I believe there is a Creator who knows you well and wants to see you thrive. All of those bits and pieces can be part of a grand design!

Once you have some things tidied up it might not bother you anymore… but don’t stop now dear friend. There is beauty waiting to be revealed. All those bits and pieces are a part of you! Not one thing is wasted by a creator who wants to see you become the masterpiece he created. Once you have worked through things and organized there is more yet to come. It is time to start making things out of the bits and pieces that will reveal order and beauty to the world. It takes time. There will be painful bits and set backs. You will get tired and wish to be anywhere else but stuck working on it.

But slowly the beauty and purpose will emerge. You might not see it at first. Other people might have to point it out to you. But over time if you continue the work it will all make sense. The bits and pieces all combine to make a masterpiece that is you!!

There are many things that this process of using what I had to build a quilt made me think of. We are all a work in progress.

Being a Foster Parent means being handed the scraps of a child that should have been a masterpiece and helping them rework the pieces into something beautiful. Nothing is wasted. We don’t throw out what’s there and start over… we work with what we have and watch beauty emerge. It is an ongoing process.

The other mother has had to rebuild her life from the scraps that were left after the death of her husband. She is still a work in progress. Nothing is wasted. The beauty that emerges if she does the work will be built from the scraps of these dark times.

To all my friends who are facing challenges they did not expect and can’t understand… even this will be a part of the beauty one day. Just keep doing the work.

In the midst of the mess (which for the last few days has been in the sewing room)


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