Making room for the new

Well, I bought a new kettle! If you missed the back story to this please read last weeks blog!

Have you ever seen how many kettles there are to choose from? The styles and options and price points are almost endless! I did a lot of looking online and reading reviews and deciding what features I wanted/needed. I could have gotten bogged down in the information and kept boiling water in a pot for weeks… but action was required.

The next step was to go out and buy it… which also took some intentional effort. But choosing it and bringing it home was not the most challenging part. I had to fit it into my kitchen! My previous kettle was short and stout… not many like that anymore and I had decided on a tall kettle. It didn’t fit where the old one had but my kitchen cupboard shelves are adjustable so I just had to move a shelf…

It’s a big corner cupboard over the sink. There was a lot of stuff in it! And it hadn’t been emptied in a while. Once it was emptied it needed a good scrub, then adjust the shelf height, and before cramming everything back in it was time to get rid of some things that hadn’t been out of the back corner in a while. What was left went back in and… I love it! So much better than it was (I forgot to take a before pic sorry).

All this effort just replacing a kettle! Think about how much effort it takes to change a mindset or habit. We often think that getting rid of the old is the hard part but in reality making the new “fit” and adjusting to the change is much harder. It requires knowing why the new is necessary, understanding the amount of change it will take to accommodate the new and putting in the time and effort to make it happen.

The other mother has been asked to change how she does life. She needs to provide a home with stability and structure to raise her kids. The process to make this change is tremendous. She doesn’t really understand or agree with why it is necessary so putting in the time and effort doesn’t seem reasonable. Change is hard.

What “new” things have you given up on because it’s too hard or it just doesn’t stick? (diet or exercise plan) Have you gotten stuck collecting information and just can’t get to taking action? (how many recipes do you have saved that you’ve never made) If you have thought through why you need the new and have decided it is what is better, you have completed the easy part! The hard part is making space in your life! It will require effort, it will require getting rid of some junk to make room, it will require adjusting how you do things until you are used to the new. If you stick to it until the new becomes normal… it will be worth it!!

As we Foster Parent we are constantly coming up against the effort it takes to make new things normal! It is worth the effort, both in our lives and in the lives of these kids!

Time for a cup of tea!

In the midst of the mess


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