2020 – Clarity

Welcome to a new year!

With many people already starting to jump on the 2020 vision comparisons I am joining the party! Will 2020 be a year of clear vision for you?

What do you need clarity in?

I don’t know if you have had the opportunity of having your vision corrected but I clearly remember the first time I put glasses on and stepped out into the mall.

Previous to that point in time I had no idea that there was anything lacking in how I saw the world. The loss of vision had happened gradually and had a fairly minor impact on my day to day life. When I put my first pair of glasses on in the Optometrist’s office I was not that impressed. As I looked around the small office nothing looked different. Then I stepped out into the mall and looked! I had no idea that things that far away had crisp edges, that signs could be read and that people were recognizable at that distance. 20/20 was amazing!

We got to watch this new awareness again as we got glasses for the young man who we care for. Although he insisted he didn’t need glasses and resisted picking them out, the first few moments that he looked around Costco with his glasses on were priceless. Seeing his jaw drop and his face light up made the battle to get to that point worth it.

The reality is that many of us are not seeing clearly as we enter 2020.

  • Perhaps we have focused on the things right in front of us and lost the big picture
  • Maybe we’ve kept our world small because we cannot comprehend the fuzzy lines that make up the big world.
  • Perhaps up close and personal is a mess so we live in the peripheral so we don’t have to deal with the issues
  • Maybe things changed in 2019 and your world no longer makes sense and you don’t know how to find your path at all

What do you need clarity in this year?

  • Do you need to gain some perspective on personal issues? Go see a counselor and seek clarity. Dare to be honest with a few close friends. Join a 12 steps program.
  • Do you need to engage better with people who live differently than you? Set aside judgement and learn. Step outside your comfort zone and serve. Challenge the stereotypes.
  • Do you need to take time to rest and seek peace? Cut some stuff out of your schedule and learn to relax. Dare to be bored for a day. Stop being a consumer for a week (no shopping, no media) and engage with people.
  • Do you need to find a new path? Take time to journal. Make a vision board. Craft a 5 year plan. Dare to dream again.

I do not claim to have perfect vision, matter of fact I am more aware all the time of how much of the picture I miss. As we have entered the world of foster parenting we have had our vision adjusted many times. We need to see the other mother through the eyes of hope and desire that she walk in wholeness with her family again. We need to see her children as precious gifts we have been entrusted with and love them with open hands because they are not ours. We need to see the system that is working on their behalf as the best option for everyone at this point and choose to speak positively about it. I have to put all these “glasses” on daily.

In a world that is broken I am not asking us to put “rose coloured” glasses on. Seeing clearly involves acknowledging that what we see is often not pretty. When this is internal and personal stuff we are better off to renovate and fix the problems than just find a better interior designer. Sometimes paint and pillows is not the answer.

When the world around us is broken sometimes we have to step up and pay the price to help fix a mess we did not create. For us that is being a Foster Parent. The system is not perfect. I acknowledge that. What we do as we work within it will not always be perfect either. It is still worth while to move towards a better vision.

So I ask again,

what do you need clarity in for 2020?

May you find the motivation, energy and time to seek out clarity!

In the midst of the mess,


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