When crisis comes

We’ve had an interesting few days! What started with a kid puking in the middle of the night ended in an appendix removal.

Some might call it a series of unfortunate events.

It caused us to miss the anticipated DARE graduation ceremony at school and the premiere of The Little Mermaid by the St. Albert Children’s theatre. These two things caused more emotional response than the trip to the hospital, the tests, the waiting, the verdict, the hospital transfer, the surgery and the recovery!

A trip to the hospital can be a really stressful time for everyone involved and when you add the unknown into it there is more. Being a Foster Parent was new territory for me. I am so thankful for the medical system we have and the amazing people who work within it! We were treated by wonderful people throughout the entire journey.

The complicating factor for us was the fact that I am not the legal guardian. The other mother still holds that role. That means that she needed to give consent every step of the way. Unfortunately she is not in the province and her battle with mental health issues has meant she is also often not available to be reached. I have always taken for granted the flow of tests and procedures in a hospital when I have been there before. Not so this time. When things are held up while an amazing team of people try to give a Mom the right to have a say in her children’s lives… it’s hard.

My heart was broken as I realized the depth of mental illness that would cause the other mother to be absent in this situation. I know it will cause her pain at some point to realize what her absence meant to her kids. Mental illness sucks!!

So we fill in the gap for those who cannot fulfill their responsibilities!

48 hours later we are back home minus one appendix!

I cannot say enough about how well we were treated by the staff at both hospitals! The Stollery is an amazing place for kids with bright cheery spaces and compassionate staff. Our health care professionals are dedicated people who deserve our respect! Thank them for all they do next time you meet one.

We were also supported by an amazing network of family and friends who were willing to do whatever was needed at home. So things ran completely normal while I was away!

Add to that my amazing hubby who kept the other kid busy and brought me food and cleaned the house and did the laundry and got up in the middle of the first night to offer pain medication so I could try and catch up on my sleep… and I am blessed beyond measure!

And tired…

In the midst of the mess,


One thought on “When crisis comes

  1. Glad to hear everything worked out! And ur right, the Stollery is an AMAZING place having used it extensively w Carmyn when she was young and Noah in high school 💛
    Praying the recovery continues smoothly!


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