Who’s on your team?

This week I have been impressed with the team that surrounds the children of the other mother. As I have met with teachers and caseworkers and seen them working towards a better future for the kids in my care I am humbled.

There are things that we try to do on our own. Maybe there are some things we succeed at completely independently. I can’t think of anything off the top of my head. Most things require the help of someone else.

Sometimes it is the work done before us to understand the task, develop the tools or method that provide the path to our success. Sometimes it is all the supports that others provide on the sidelines to make our success possible. These are the things we often don’t see are the foundation of our “independent” success.

Then there are the obvious. The teacher who is aware and advocating for the student, the caseworker striving to put supports in place for a child in a disadvantaged situation, and yes even the foster parent who is cheering a child on from the sidelines.

And each of those people have their own network of supports that help them be their best selves in their chosen role. The fellow teachers who network, encourage and inspire one another as they tackle an increasingly complex landscape in the classroom. The team of caseworkers who cover each others holidays and jump in to coach, and counsel as they carry an overwhelming caseload. The foster parent who has a circle of friends who don’t carry the title “foster parent” but are there to encourage and jump in where needed.

These all make a team of people who are truly a fostering family for the children in my care.

I truly appreciate the times people acknowledge what we do in choosing to be foster parents but we are only a piece in a vast puzzle that creates a beautiful mosaic of care.

Thank God for team. I am truly thankful that we do not do life alone!

Who is on your team? Take some time to realize who has been a part of supporting you where you are. If you don’t know who is on your team, or maybe you really do feel alone… something needs to change! The best place to see success is with the support of a team.

Sometimes we don’t accept the help of others. Whether it is fear, or pride or simply a lack of understanding we can deprive ourselves of the very thing that would lead us to the life we desire. I also see the team that wants to surround and support the other mother on her journey to health. She doesn’t see them as allies but enemies. Mental health can mess with you like that. I pray that someone on her team is able to get through to her and help her see that there are people cheering for her… on her team!

So I will look around me and see who else needs a team! As I have the privilege of having a team that supports me and the children in my care I can also reach out and be a part of that “team” for someone else!

In the midst of the mess


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