What does abundance look like to you?

Is it the harvest from your garden? The bounty of nature? The blessings in your home? The relationships you treasure? The purpose that drives you? What speaks of abundance to you?

This summer I experienced abundance. Some of it was the bounty of nature… the abundant blueberry picking, the flourishing flowers and trees and the lush green lawn all provided by a creator that loves to give good gifts to His children. I did nothing to deserve it.

Some of it was carefully cultivated by others. The harvest of peas and beans, beets and carrots, onions and potatoes from the garden my parents grow and tend every summer. I do nothing to deserve the bounty but I reap the benefits of someone else cultivating abundance.(They also picked the abundant blueberry harvest… some of which I enjoyed!)

Some of the abundance I experienced was the result of choices we made. To save money, to spend money. To designate time for the things that fill our lives with joy. To choose to count our blessings in the face of setbacks and be thankful.

Some of that abundance came in the form of seeing my children doing things they love and enjoying the incredible beauty of our world. Being surrounded by people who love me and want what is best for me is pretty heady stuff in a world where many people don’t have that. Having people who put effort into getting together with me to celebrate my milestones has been a humbling example of abundance.

So I ask again… where do you see abundance? How can you experience more abundance in your life? Whether that abundance is a natural occurrence, a cultivated blessing or a carefully executed plan to enjoy more… choose thankfulness and experience abundance!

We have had the privilege of sharing this summers abundance with 2 beautiful children who have come from a lack of abundance. I am not unaware that there is also scarcity in our world. I think most of it comes from human selfishness and evil. I don’t think things have to be like that. The world I see has more than enough for everyone.

The other mother who’s children I care for has experienced much that I do not understand. However I believe there is abundance for her too! I desire for her to walk into the multitude of supports and helps that are available to her and seek healing. She would be so blessed by experiencing the joy that comes in a healthy relationship with her children. They have abundance to share with her. Their experience of abundance has blessed us.

In case this looks like a one of those posts where you envy my amazing summer let me just bring some perspective. Our summer has not been without challenges… we were both unemployed, things broke, money had to be spent. The weather was abundantly rainy… There were lots of reasons to question whether there would be enough at the end of the day! Enough patience… enough strength… enough resources… enough time…

I choose to see the abundance and celebrate all that it brought to our lives.

In the midst of the mess


One thought on “Abundance

  1. Oh my, Marny! This one really touched my heart! We can truly choose to see the abundance all around us! You said it sooooo well! Bless you!


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