There has been so much joy these two have brought to our home.

Watching them learn to play in our world has been a lot of fun!

We have enjoyed so many firsts! And through them we have learned anew how to count our blessings! Our family and friends have offered their resources and support in amazing ways and our kids have benefited!

From learning to ride a bike to learning to sew, boating to jeeping, so many new things for them. Through their eyes it is new to us too!

So stop for a moment and think about what you enjoy every day! I know I take a lot for granted. I am thankful for the opportunity to share with them what we have.

Although fostering is not primarily about fun, it is part of the package. These kids will have a summer to remember and the healing that comes from relaxing, laughing, learning and creating will stick with them forever. If we provide this for them in a healthy way the other mother will benefit from the experiences her kids have had. I already see a new confidence in them and resiliency in the face of setbacks.

We’ve spent the week on holidays creating more memories. Stay tuned for some highlights.

In the midst of the mess


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